Kuya Daniel 7th on a senate slate?

An article from Ricky Lo’s Funfare column last July 31, 2009 revealed that broadcast journalist Kuya Daniel Razon is on the 7th spot in the senatorial slate of a retired political science professor.

Prof. Consultacion called his senatorial list “Taga Media Kami” and placed Kuya Daniel on the 7th spot. Leading the list is former Kuya ng Bayan and Senator Edgar “Eddie” Ilarde. Ilarde turned over the title of “Kuya” to Kuya Daniel last January in the Test Broadcast 2: The Concert because of his leadership and the humanitarian services he unceasingly does.

According to Prof. Consultacion, to help bring back the glory of the “old Senate” showbiz senate must end and outstanding media practitioners must take over.

I am quoting Prof. Consultacion when asked by Ricky Lo why media practitioners over famous showbiz personalities?

Media practitioners are trained speakers and writers,” said Prof. Consultacion. “They have the educational attainment, a pre-requisite on their road to public acceptance, admiration and esteem.

So, who else on the slate of “Taga Media Kami”?

  1. Former Sen. Eddie Ilarde
  2. Willie Revillame
  3. Mike Enriquez
  4. Kris Aquino
  5. Korina Sanchez
  6. Edu Manzano
  7. Daniel Razon
  8. Anthony Taberna
  9. Ramon Tulfo
  10. Mel Tiangco
  11. Rey Langit

I feel odd, however, why some noontime TV host is included. No offense to Prof. Consultacion’s “Taga Media Kami”. But the number two nominee is more of a noontime TV host, much like a TV celebrity. Same goes with number 4. He maybe famous and close to the heart of the masa; she has beauty and brains. But I feel that there are more important factors than that.

I agree that media people have more capacity to lead in the senate. Kuya Daniel is my number one choice (my other nominees I have to think). I have written few write-ups about Mr. Public Service’s admirable work here in my blog and those works proved that he can do more while in the senate. In fact, whether or not he sits in the office, he has done so much already that no other current government officials have done.

I cannot begin to emphasize how Kuya Daniel is ever so persistent in helping the community from the basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter to medical check ups, education and more. Let alone his action speak.