One of the Most Generous Men of 2008 goes to…

Finally! Kuya Daniel Razon now has a fan blog! check out: I happen to stumble upon it while searching for updates on Isang Araw Lang (Just One Day) campaign.

I’m really a sucker for great concepts,  so when I learned about the Isang Araw Lang, I think it was a very wise campaign to call on everyone who can afford to spend their extra-money/ time/ service to the unfortunates.

Kuya Daniel has become the inventor of many first. His public service programs are out of the box…okay, maybe that’s a little hypothetical, because many other organizations do medical missions and feeding programs too. Question is how often?

I remember my officemate – she is a relative of one of the presidentables – who does medical mission downsouth with her cousins, which I thought was a good deed, not until she keeps bragging about it!

Can they do it DAILY like the Clinic Ni Kuya which is open to public from 4am to 9am? How about the FREE MRT RIDE for senior citizens DAILY? or the FREE BUS RIDE DAILY?

Then, there’s a newbie on the list of his public missions, the Transient Home, which guessed it, DAILY! The first Transient Home in the Philippines is located in  Edsa Ave. Philam near UNTV 37 station, another one that is bigger in capacity is located in Apalit, Pampanga.

Next on the pipeline, according to Kuya Daniel, is the free college which will offer Nursing and MassCommunication courses.

Kuya Daniel never gets tired of thinking good and doing good with PERSEVERANCE. What an admirable man!

Now, this Isang Araw Lang campaign has opened a lot of opportunities for various organizations and even individuals to lend a hand.

You ask, what’s in it for you? Why join Isang Araw Lang (Just One Day)?

You will have the chance to be in TIME magazine’s 100 Most Generous Person of 2009. Obviously, am kidding!=)

Ok, think of this. Remember the time, when you feel so blessed and you want to give back but don’t know how? This is the right time.

Kuya Daniel asks and I ask this too.. Isang Araw Lang po (Just One Day).