Isang Araw Lang: A story of moral in motion

Anyone who hasn’t heard of Isang Araw Lang the movie by Kuya Daniel Razon, which received raves from a thousands of supporters—and hopers for a part two— is so out of the circle.

The circle is full of heart and soul that it would be hard to miss and not be in it. The premiere and special screening nights last July 19 and 26 in Meralco Theater and PICC Plenary Hall respectively, were packed with suckers for great stories like me.  I watched the special screening at 7 p.m. last July 26 amidst the sudden burst of the rain.

Kudos to Kuya Daniel’s directing and acting. The one tagged as Mr. Public Service and Kuya ng Bayan, has just shown that a director can be creative in his own flair without sacrificing one’s moral standards. In fact, Kuya Daniel uses it to outshine others with the film’s concept.

The movie revolves around a kind-hearted jeepney driver who was harassed by an abusive Congressman. Consequently, the bad guy lost, the good guy wins. “Walang gawang mabuti na magbubunga ng masama,” (No good deed will yield evil.) as Kuya Daniel puts it. Parallel to that, “Walang masamang gawa na nagbubunga ng mabuti.”(No evil deed will yield good.)

Kuya Daniel has nailed it again—this time, he delves into directing and acting. His debut film received accolades from actors and supporters of the Isang Araw Lang advocacy, where the movie has taken its title.

He makes a simple story bloom; he sharpens the dull image of indie filmmaking.  He didn’t have to insert a kissing scene to pinch the heart of the audience. The movie is wholesome as it gets to the climax of the story and the dialogues are impeccably sweet to the ears.

Many good deeds were demonstrated in the movie. Faced with the everyday challenges of being a driver, father and friend, Kuya Daniel (also his character name in the flick) never failed to apply the goodness that is in his heart. Like how do you become a good father to a handful of kids? How do you deal with a friend who constantly asks you for money? How do you behave with a nagging landlady? What do you do if you see a street kid steal?

The bottom line? Anyone, even a simple jeepney driver, can do his share of simple acts of goodwill to make a difference, if not change the world.

Two thumbs up also to the supporting casts who acted convincingly natural, even those who are amateur actors, which what indie films mostly comprise of. Kuya Daniel sure knows who and what kind of character is needed to make it more realistic. Professional actors such as Rey PJ Abellana, Emilio Garcia, Arnel Ignacio, Robert Miller, and Natasha Ledesma shared their talents here and have helped amateur actors to efficiently carry out their roles.

Scriptwriter Angelito De Guzman did a wonderful job too. And so the other side of the world is waiting for the Isang Araw Lang screening in August.

I congratulate Kuya Daniel Razon also for his new project – free college education, which is one of the beneficiaries of this film among his other public service programs.  My ticket expense was truly worth it. I hope there’s a sequel!;)