News Anchor bids his watch for Clinic ni Kuya

He would do anything to sustain Clinic ni Kuya even to bid his personal belongings.

Daniel Razon, the good man behind the morning show, Good Morning Kuya, recently bid his first bought watch, casio protect. Highest bid is 150K which money will proceed to augment the medicines and other expenses of the clinic. Thanks to the generous man who is the highest bidder! I was unable to catch his name, though (I think half of my brain is still sleeping at that time).

The clinic offers extensive services from Mondays thru Fridays between 4am-9am. For a complete list of the schedule of services, watch Good Morning Kuya in UNTV 37 ( I will post it here once I catch that announcement portion of GMK).

Here are some of the services I knew that they currently offer: Internal medicine, general medicine, physical therapy, laboratory services, dental, optometry, OB, Pediatric, surgey. Free medicines are also given.