Lessons a Manny Pacquiao can learn from a non-politician Kuya Daniel Razon

When and if Manny Pacquiao remains as an ordinary citizen and follows the vision he set for himself to achieve – that is, to help many poor Filipinos out of their miseries, he may have something to be proud of.   And this feat may at least be compared to the way life has been going for Kuya Daniel Razon – best known for his massive public service endeavors, minus a public government office role (even though he won a seat).

Manny Pacquiao’s victory makes every Filipino proud.  He has established a good sportsman’s statute all over the globe.  He has shown his generosity and kindness by sharing some of his take home money to his fellow Filipinos.

However, recent reports have it that he is now inching to earning a place in government, after declaring bid to run as congressman in his hometown.   Like some people with the means and resources to help, Manny thought the key to realizing his dream of rendering true public service is by earning a seat in government.  His plans have divided people, with majority clamoring that he stay as an ordinary citizen.

By: Alsie Borromeo

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