Run enyasirch run!

Simple stretching routines before running

If you’re feeling out of shape, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re fat!  I personally think I’m out of shape though I look as thin as a twig.  Not that am boasting because my goal really is to gain few pounds, although a friend say I look just fine with my weight.  I think she’s lying. Haha!

For a couple of months now I’ve been dying to get my feet back on the ground, feel the adrenaline rush, release sweat and other unnecessary baggage on my nerves.  Whew! Never mind if I look thinner than usual.  I couldn’t miss the fun of going out there and run with friends in the upcoming Isang Araw Lang Takbo Para Sa Libreng Kolehiyo.

Running not only increases vitality it will also boost your mind and inner being for a healthy and happy you.  Granting that magic is real, I think there’s magic in exercising (much like in dancing) because it makes anyone feel young again—and as mushy as it may sound—loved (haha! I enjoy exaggerating things, pardon me).

So to prepare myself for the biggest marathon, I had my jogging scheduled thrice a week, every Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays after office hours.  I also found a perfect, clean place to jog around at night. I need only to walk few blocks away from Cityland Herrera Tower and I’m on!

The best part of joining this event is you get to help deserving students continue their college education in the La Verdad Christian College. The La Verdad Christian College is the first free all-expense college education in the country; a program under the Kamanggagawa Foundation Inc. spearheaded by Bro. Eli Soriano and Kuya Daniel Razon.

For the record, twenty thousand—not two thousand—are expected to fill in the grounds of Mall of Asia, this is the biggest and grandest marathon ever! Sports 37 Productions is behind this feat following the noble campaign of Mr. Public Service, Isang Araw Lang.

Runners like me need to set time for practice and gear up. You don’t want to ruin a whole day of fun with a serious cramp or any untoward injuries, do you? I’m not a pro but for the trying hard sports enthusiasts like me,  I wanted to share these simple, fun tips of stretching routines before you hit the road.  And oh, don’t be surprised if you found yourself feeling like dancing afterwards, because these routines are really made for dancing. Haha! My theory is that sport and dancing have one common discipline, although the latter is much much fun.

Don’t forget to smile when you practice, okay, even when you do it alone.  🙂

  1. First, pick a nice, happy dance song.  If you want to go slow (instrumental or classic), that’s equally perfect. But steer clear from your favorite song that will make you sing instead of exercise.  I choose (my old time favorites!) Another Chance by Roger Sanchez or Whenever, Wherever, Whatever by Maxwell everytime I do my routines.
  2. Remember, however fast or however slow your background music is, the phasing of the change of direction and/or movement is still the same.  Keep your butt under control. 😛
  3. Counting must be equal. This is to avoid overstretching and to maintain the essence of stretching, which is balance.  If you don’t want to spend much time because you have other tons of things to do, you may do all routines in eight counts. I personally do 16 counts so there’s enough time to mull over. Haha!
  4. The moment you start the routine, focus! Don’t let problems or any unhappy things get into your mind and spoil your mood. Relax and enjoy.  Breathe slowly.
  5. Head Tilt. Tilt your head up slowly; hold it for 8 or 16 counts. Afterwards, do the same as you tilt it down, left, and right. Don’t forget your counting.
  6. Feet stretch. Stretch the wrist of your feet. Point your right foot downward, transferring all the weight of your body to your left foot, hold it for 8 or 16 counts. Do it again pointing upwards and sidewards. Do the same with the left foot.  Then create baby circles by twisting the wrist of your foot. Do it again with the other foot.
  7. Twist wrist. Twist your wrist by pointing your right hand downwards; hold it for 8 or 16 counts. Do it again, this time hands facing upwards. Do the same with your left hand.

You may opt to do the hand wrist twist afterwards, like the way you create baby circles using your foot.  I create clockwise and counterclockwise direction of either one arm at first or two arms simultaneously, when I do this. Try it.

8.  Arm stretch. Stretch both arms sideward, hold it for 8 or 16 counts. Do the same as you stretch it both in front, backwards and upwards.  Do the hand reach afterwards, passing your right arms at the side of your right ears to touch your left hand that passes at your back. Do vice versa.

9. Tip Toe. Stretch your legs and arms upwards with your feet standing close with each other and in tip toe. Hold it for 8 to 16 counts. Then stand on your feet and reach for the ground slowly; make sure your knees are not bent. Hold it for 8 or 16 counts.  Move up slowly.

10. Hip bent. Stand on your feet about 90 degrees apart. Bent your hips frontward, hold it for 8 or 16 counts. Do it again backwards and sidewards. Go easy as you bend.

11. Lanch. Lanch your right foot forward at a knee-level, keep your left foot on the ground. Hold it for 8 or 16 counts. Do the same with the left foot. Then do the same sidewards.

12. Stretching combinations. Combine basic routines but keep the counting in balance.  Try hip bent and arm stretch; make sure that as you bent from one side (right) down to front, hand touching ground, up to another side (left), both arms are stretched accordingly. If you bend on your right side, left hand must be stretching over your head and vice versa.

There are other stretching combinations you can choreograph out of these basic routines. Think fun and creative.  

13. Jumping jack. Do the classic and final step. It’s a must to let all your senses and blood loosen up.

Finally, you are ready to jog. Start with a slow phase first, until you are ready to advance your running rate to the next level.  Enjoy and take care! See you at the Isang Araw Lang Para Sa Libreng Kolehiyo on January 31st, 2010.

Lessons a Manny Pacquiao can learn from a non-politician Kuya Daniel Razon

When and if Manny Pacquiao remains as an ordinary citizen and follows the vision he set for himself to achieve – that is, to help many poor Filipinos out of their miseries, he may have something to be proud of.   And this feat may at least be compared to the way life has been going for Kuya Daniel Razon – best known for his massive public service endeavors, minus a public government office role (even though he won a seat).

Manny Pacquiao’s victory makes every Filipino proud.  He has established a good sportsman’s statute all over the globe.  He has shown his generosity and kindness by sharing some of his take home money to his fellow Filipinos.

However, recent reports have it that he is now inching to earning a place in government, after declaring bid to run as congressman in his hometown.   Like some people with the means and resources to help, Manny thought the key to realizing his dream of rendering true public service is by earning a seat in government.  His plans have divided people, with majority clamoring that he stay as an ordinary citizen.

By: Alsie Borromeo

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Kuya Daniel 7th on a senate slate?

An article from Ricky Lo’s Funfare column last July 31, 2009 revealed that broadcast journalist Kuya Daniel Razon is on the 7th spot in the senatorial slate of a retired political science professor.

Prof. Consultacion called his senatorial list “Taga Media Kami” and placed Kuya Daniel on the 7th spot. Leading the list is former Kuya ng Bayan and Senator Edgar “Eddie” Ilarde. Ilarde turned over the title of “Kuya” to Kuya Daniel last January in the Test Broadcast 2: The Concert because of his leadership and the humanitarian services he unceasingly does.

According to Prof. Consultacion, to help bring back the glory of the “old Senate” showbiz senate must end and outstanding media practitioners must take over.

I am quoting Prof. Consultacion when asked by Ricky Lo why media practitioners over famous showbiz personalities?

Media practitioners are trained speakers and writers,” said Prof. Consultacion. “They have the educational attainment, a pre-requisite on their road to public acceptance, admiration and esteem.

So, who else on the slate of “Taga Media Kami”?

  1. Former Sen. Eddie Ilarde
  2. Willie Revillame
  3. Mike Enriquez
  4. Kris Aquino
  5. Korina Sanchez
  6. Edu Manzano
  7. Daniel Razon
  8. Anthony Taberna
  9. Ramon Tulfo
  10. Mel Tiangco
  11. Rey Langit

I feel odd, however, why some noontime TV host is included. No offense to Prof. Consultacion’s “Taga Media Kami”. But the number two nominee is more of a noontime TV host, much like a TV celebrity. Same goes with number 4. He maybe famous and close to the heart of the masa; she has beauty and brains. But I feel that there are more important factors than that.

I agree that media people have more capacity to lead in the senate. Kuya Daniel is my number one choice (my other nominees I have to think). I have written few write-ups about Mr. Public Service’s admirable work here in my blog and those works proved that he can do more while in the senate. In fact, whether or not he sits in the office, he has done so much already that no other current government officials have done.

I cannot begin to emphasize how Kuya Daniel is ever so persistent in helping the community from the basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter to medical check ups, education and more. Let alone his action speak.

Isang Araw Lang: A story of moral in motion

Anyone who hasn’t heard of Isang Araw Lang the movie by Kuya Daniel Razon, which received raves from a thousands of supporters—and hopers for a part two— is so out of the circle.

The circle is full of heart and soul that it would be hard to miss and not be in it. The premiere and special screening nights last July 19 and 26 in Meralco Theater and PICC Plenary Hall respectively, were packed with suckers for great stories like me.  I watched the special screening at 7 p.m. last July 26 amidst the sudden burst of the rain.

Kudos to Kuya Daniel’s directing and acting. The one tagged as Mr. Public Service and Kuya ng Bayan, has just shown that a director can be creative in his own flair without sacrificing one’s moral standards. In fact, Kuya Daniel uses it to outshine others with the film’s concept.

The movie revolves around a kind-hearted jeepney driver who was harassed by an abusive Congressman. Consequently, the bad guy lost, the good guy wins. “Walang gawang mabuti na magbubunga ng masama,” (No good deed will yield evil.) as Kuya Daniel puts it. Parallel to that, “Walang masamang gawa na nagbubunga ng mabuti.”(No evil deed will yield good.)

Kuya Daniel has nailed it again—this time, he delves into directing and acting. His debut film received accolades from actors and supporters of the Isang Araw Lang advocacy, where the movie has taken its title.

He makes a simple story bloom; he sharpens the dull image of indie filmmaking.  He didn’t have to insert a kissing scene to pinch the heart of the audience. The movie is wholesome as it gets to the climax of the story and the dialogues are impeccably sweet to the ears.

Many good deeds were demonstrated in the movie. Faced with the everyday challenges of being a driver, father and friend, Kuya Daniel (also his character name in the flick) never failed to apply the goodness that is in his heart. Like how do you become a good father to a handful of kids? How do you deal with a friend who constantly asks you for money? How do you behave with a nagging landlady? What do you do if you see a street kid steal?

The bottom line? Anyone, even a simple jeepney driver, can do his share of simple acts of goodwill to make a difference, if not change the world.

Two thumbs up also to the supporting casts who acted convincingly natural, even those who are amateur actors, which what indie films mostly comprise of. Kuya Daniel sure knows who and what kind of character is needed to make it more realistic. Professional actors such as Rey PJ Abellana, Emilio Garcia, Arnel Ignacio, Robert Miller, and Natasha Ledesma shared their talents here and have helped amateur actors to efficiently carry out their roles.

Scriptwriter Angelito De Guzman did a wonderful job too. And so the other side of the world is waiting for the Isang Araw Lang screening in August.

I congratulate Kuya Daniel Razon also for his new project – free college education, which is one of the beneficiaries of this film among his other public service programs.  My ticket expense was truly worth it. I hope there’s a sequel!;)